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Company Brief Profile

We would like to introduce ourselves as Vani System Pvt. Limited an ISO certified private limited company floated by group of Graduate Engineers with working experience of over 10 years in Information Technology and Software Development Systems Industry with the annual turnover of Rs.5.10 corers. The company is managed by Mr. Rajeev Shukla and staffed with dedicated professionals with diverse and rich Information Technology experiences. The company is located at 16, Vidhan Sabha Marg, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India. The company .

  • has MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with E.C.I.L. Electronic Corporation of India Limited. (A Government of India Enterprises) working as a Master Franchisee in Uttar Pradesh
  • has agreement with Intrigated Tribal Devlopment Coopretive Fedration Limited. (A Government of Uttar Pradesh Undertaking) for Development of Software and Support to various Govt. of UP Departments. We are today a dynamic consulting organisation providing comprehensive support in all aspects of ITES, Software Development, from requirement analysis to implementation, training and long-term support. Our approach to providing efficient software solutions is not as a vendor but as a partner. Vani System understands that critical to any successful implementation is the need to overcome the resistance to change associated with any new implementation. Many projects require adapting to entirely different techniques and procedures accompanying the changeover to a new environment. We have the experience to identify and deal with these factors. We place maximum emphasis on three major factors to achieve full value:
  • Focus on results
  • Proven approach for systems development & integration
  • Our people are our main asset.

We are a premier software development organisation providing total solutions to Corporate Houses. The culture of the organisation has always been customer driven as a result of which value added services and customer satisfaction feature very high on our list of priorities. One of the Directors has first-hand International experience. With his strong technical background and sound Project Management Practices, he provides management support and direction to the company. The project teams have extensive working experience for varied clients. We understand their communication styles and work culture, which helps us, better understand their needs.

As a multi-dimensional, multi-faceted organisation, we are geared to meeting client’s outsourcing needs in ways that successfully mesh in with the distinct requirements and applications of the organisation’s specific business while adhering to strict deadlines and maintaining stringent quality standards.

Vani System’s unmatched combination of superior business knowledge coupled with the ability to anticipate and adopt new advances in Information Technology help provide a comprehensive set of software solutions which are specifically tailored to meet an organisation’s distinct is needs. Our company has been conferred with Udyog Rattan Award for the year 1996 by Institute of Economic Studies, New Delhi for promoting industrial development in the country and the Excellence Award for Production, Quality, Innovation and Management.

Since its inception, Vani System has kept its business focus firm and resolute to provide an array of Computer Software services, in the form of quality solutions. Vani System provides a wide spectrum of consultancy services that match the complex and rapidly changing environment and provides high quality customized software solutions on client server environments to corporate organisation’s for business systems. Vani System’s unmatched combination of superior business knowledge coupled with the ability to anticipate and adopt new advances in Information Technology help provide a comprehensive set of software solutions which are tailored to meet an organisation’s distinct IS needs. We have expertise in analysis, design, development, implementation and maintenance of computer systems for various industry segments. Our main focus is on Client/Server systems. Vani System is committed towards continuing the impressive growth record with diverse satisfied clientele. We believe in development of a partnership with each client, to achieve a long-term association that is mutually beneficial.

  • To be globally recognised as Information Technology group of repute.
  • To deliver exceptional quality products and services, and assure clients of consistently high technical standards at all times and at all stages of a project.
  • To strive to obtain a deeper understanding and anticipation of diverse customer requirements, their business and the demands of a changing environment on there IT needs.
  • To build a high-quality, profitable institution which will be a source of pride to all who are associated with it.
  • To provide a platform for our people to excel and grow.

The world of Information Systems is increasingly becoming more and more complex. Revolutionary technologies are constantly creating new opportunities for all business functions, while the increasing onslaught of global competition is forcing organisations to raise the quality bar and push operating costs down to the bare minimum. Expectations from Information Technology are constantly increasing while the budgets available are sinking. As a result, Information Technology and related Software Services are poised to become the world’s largest industry by the turn of the century constrained only by the high costs of skilled human resources in the developed nations.

Outsourcing of application software development and conversion and ongoing maintenance has become the order of the day. While many success stories are coming to the fore, they are still outnumbered by cases where indiscriminate Outsourcing has resulted in sub-optimal outcomes. With the onset of Satellite communication wherein data, voice and images can be transmitted across continents instantly the human resource base overseas can now be integrated into Information Technology projects worldwide reducing development costs in many instances by as much as 40%.

The key challenge therefore would be to move away from the current paradigm of Outsourcing to Partnering for Success. But what are the imperatives for successful Outsourcing and how does one make the right choice of an Outsourcing partner?.


Here’s how Vani System stands up to the capabilities of a successful Outsourcing partner.

  • A common understanding of the business issues and the applications portfolio of the organisation.
  • The ability to work on the technology platforms that are prevalent today and will emerge tomorrow.
  • Capacity to deliver international quality solutions.
  • The right people with the skill mix required for addressing both the functional as well as technical needs.
  • Ability to adhere to stringent project guidelines.
  • Ability to facilitate client to take control of the project from start to finish.

We offer customised solutions to address all segments of any organisation, which relate to the key result areas of each level of personnel. Solutions offered can be broadly categorised as:

  • Solutions for Top Management.
  • Solutions for End Users.
  • Solutions for Information Systems Professionals.

Solutions for Top Management include topics such as Strategic Information Systems Planning, Executive Information Systems and even use of personal computer through effective one-to-one guidance.
Solutions for End users start with PC Appreciation Skill programmes of databases, spreadsheets, word processors, presentation graphics, advanced programming skills and Managing End Users Computing in both, single user windows and multi user environments.
Solutions for Information Systems professionals traverse the entire range of leading edge technologies including CASE, C++, SSAD, Client Server, Windows programming, Networking, UNIX, RDBMS, Oracle 7.0, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Powerbuilder, Software Project Management, Software Quality Assurance to name a few.

Quality Assurance:

Vani System’s key strength are it’s human resources and it’s conformance to ISO 9001 Standards for it's range of Education Support services through the technology tie up with it’s principals which includes Design, Production, Delivery and installation of Technical know-how.

Software Development and training programmes are conducted by Qualified and experienced professionals, who undergo rigorous training and certification procedure for each level of programmes that they conduct.

Brief Particulars of some of the projects handled by us (details also attached) are :

  • Complete Business Automation using Access 7.0 on Microsoft Jet Database engine.
  • MIS(Managment Information System)
  • ERP(Enterprise resource planning)
  • Web Designing
  • Software Development

The company is today more focused with a clear vision, mission & goals and expects to grow significantly over the next few years to capture an increasing share of the market for Information Technology products and services not only in India but globally. Vani System intends to be an aggressive & fair player in the market and will concentrate on achieving even higher levels of customer satisfaction.


The dynamic economic scenario and trade environment both national and global, present both a challenge and an opportunity. The years ahead are tough but promising. Vani System gears itself to meet these challenges through dedicated focus and pursuit of excellence.


It has been the company’s constant endeavor to make available state-of-the-art products to customers. With the introduction of successive products and with strategic alliance with other vendors, the company plans to offer a complete range of products that cater to the Information Technology requirements of small, medium & large organisation.

During the Fiscal Year, the company has added some of the most prestigious names in Indian corporate sector to its impressive list of customers.
The strength of Vani System is immediate response to client needs with high quality services that take on the challenges of present day, ever evolving and changing technical scenario through resources that delivers quality and economy. Our extensive experience gives us the edge through a combination of skilled professionals, advanced technical expertise and an understanding of the client’s corporate profile. We deliver results on time and within budget by capitalizing on our proven techniques and expert management skills.

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